OCILIB C++ API coming soon !

Hello all !

OCILIB C++ API is coming soon !
Thus OCILIB will become a C and C++ driver for Oracle
Code is already available from the OCILIB SVN repository.
It is a single C++ header file that wraps the entire OCILIB C API .
It uses and exposes C++ objects and is based on the standard library and templates.
No usage of new or delete, just objects that automatically handle the lifetime of OCILIB handles :) Automatic and built-in object scope management !
I’m still working on the documentation
C main demo application and various C demos have been ported to C++.

Just have a look and try it :)

here is a basic example :

#include "ocilib.hpp"

using namespace ocilib;

int main(void)

        Connection con("db", "usr", "pwd");

        Statement st(con);
        st.Execute("select * from products");

        Resultset rs = st.GetResultset();
        while (rs.Next())
            std::cout << "code:" << rs.Get(1) << " name: " <<  rs.Get(2) << std::endl;

        std::cout << "=> Total fetched rows : " << rs.GetCount() << std::endl;

    catch(Exception &ex)
         std::cout << ex.GetMessage() << std::endl;


    return EXIT_SUCCESS;

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