Working on OCILIB C++ support

Hello all,

I finally decided to work on a C++ wrapper around OCILIB !

It will be implemented as a single C++ header file that will offer C++ classes wrapping the OCILIB C API…

If the results sounds good, the next OCILIB release will include this C++ header to simplify C++ developper’s life :)

If any of you are interested, drop me a email !!

Here is an example of my early basic implementation :

#include "ocilib++"

using namespace ocilib;

int main(int argc, char* argv[])

        Connection con("db", "usr", "pwd", Connection::SessionDefault);
        std::cout << con.getServerVersion() << std::endl;

        Statement st(con);
        st.execute("select table_name from user_tables");

        Resultset rs(st);
        while (rs.fetchNext())
            std::cout << rs.getString(1) << std::endl;

        Lob lob(con, Lob::LobTypeClob);
        std::cout << "char written " << lob.write("test") << std::endl;, 0);
        std::cout << << std::endl;
    catch(Exception &ex)
         std::cout << ex.what() << std::endl;


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