OCILIB roadmap

Hi All,

Here is some information about the OCILIB roadmap and the next releases :

Version 4.0 (2012 – March):

  • Add support for New Oracle XStream feature (which is a great feature) introduced in Oracle 11g
  • Add support for New QCN (Query Change Notification) introduced in Oracle 11g (it is an extension to the DCN – Database Change Notification)

Version 4.1 (2012 – June):

  • Extend Lob API with Secure Files support (introduced in 11g)
  • Added support for miscellaneous Oracle 11g additions (new transaction modes, session modes, …)

Version 4.2 (2012 – September):

  • Extend Direct Path support (add object support, piece by piece loading)

version 5.0 (Early 2013):

  • Add internal memory allocator
  • Add support for OCI XML API

Let me know if any other features should be added to OCILIB :)


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